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We love travelling! It is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and there’s nothing worse than having a trip ruined by worrying about belongings.

LugLoc is a pioneer in smart geo-tracking solutions, that empower people and organizations worldwide, through first-to-market smartphone innovations in the travel & transportation industries.

In a world where everything is connected, we create technology to keep track of your luggage and more. LugLoc invented the first luggage tracker; an innovative geo-tracking solution that combines a device with an app, to locate bags anywhere in the world. Knowledge is Power. Knowing where your belongings are, will make your travels more enjoyable. Tracking and not worrying is the smartest way to travel and upgrade the luggage you already own.

LugLoc is leading innovation in the IoT space as leaders in software-based RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) solutions, pioneers in Smart Luggage, and as #1 market leader in luggage tracker hardware and software. LugLoc’s simple API or SDK architecture provides enterprises scalable solutions for tracking the location travel bags and other high-value assets.


Proud to have the top luggage brands as partners, LugLoc for enterprise and luggage companies, has the best-of-breed hardware and software IoT device platform available. Make your brand stand- out by integrating LugLoc’s geo-tracking technology offering innovative features and benefits to bag owner’s for virtually any type of asset tracking applicaitons.

LugLoc’s platform is engineered from the ground up, for seamless integration with 3rd party apps, within days, not months. An API library is provided for partners to easily customize and integrate with your data and deliver unique customer experiences and connected bag location benefits.

Mobile app developers can also use Lugloc’s SDK to assemble guided customer experiences that use our low cost geo-tracker and location monitoring and reporting. Our technology finally empowers manufacturers to deliver luggage tracking and value at scale.

LugLoc provides and maintains the location content as a service in the cloud, so users always have the latest updated real-time location.

We take care of the underlying technology so you can concentrate on the experience or simply customize a private label solution with your branding, hosted and maintained by our team of experts. Join market leaders like Delsey, Samsonite, Barracuda, G-RO and many others already integrating LugLoc into their luggage to provide new customer connected experiences and travel benefits they love.


Our mission is to empower travelers worldwide, by helping them keep track of their luggage while they enjoy their trips. We love to share our stories with you! Please direct press and media inquiries to

Check out one of our latest features we received from the Today Show, making a short demo of how the LugLoc Tracker works.

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