Finally, you have already decided where you’ll spend your next holidays. Bravo! So some may say the journey starts now: at this point you need to focus and do your best to gain all the benefits you can and have the greatest vacations ever. Now the question is: how can you optimize time, money and comfort? Well, that’s not a problem, just check these suggestions and start enjoying right now.

  1. Time your trip wisely: if you are lucky enough to have a flexible job and can choose when to take a flight, you should know that the off season will bring joy to your pockets. Just make sure there are no electrical storms or something like that at the time and you’ll have a wonderful experience that will help you save some money.
  1. There’s a perfect hotel for everyone: sometimes the cheapest one ends up being the most expensive. Let’s say you are going to a big city and you know you’ll be out in the streets all day long. Well, maybe it’s not necessary to stay at a hotel that has the most perfect amenities but hot water, a nice and tidy bed and a huge breakfast might be the best place to stay in that scenario.
  1. Plans help you conquer the world: there’s a strong guarantee that as sooner as you start planning what you’re going to visit, you’ll know when to find the best prices. For example, some train tickets might be cheaper two months before traveling but, maybe, other type of transportation will give you the best offers just days or even hours before departure. Don’t forget to stay tuned and do a daily check.
  1. The importance of a customized trip: what if you decide not to take a selfie with that monument behind you, the one that everybody always talks about and says you should visit? Choose the kind of trip you like the most, not only what people tell you you can’t miss. Walk around. Get lost. Make your experience oh-so-personal. Enjoy the view. Don’t waste time. After all, who’s the lucky traveler?
  1. Embrace coupons: 2×1 tickets one day a week, discounts for students or +65 adults, buy one – get one free or 75% off after several important events will help you stay on budget and even save some money to buy a souvenir for your mother. Don’t be ashamed to ask for a deal.
  1. Make the best use of WIFI: of course there are places that still don’t enjoy the great pleasure of wireless internet. However, many cities around the world have free wifi in museums and even parks, so make sure you download useful apps and use those spots to get in touch, search for information and share your experience through your social networks.
  1. Take good care of your luggage: are you nervous about losing your bag and can’t find a way to let go that horrible feeling? There is a device called LugLoc that helps you with this as it’s the first luggage locator in the world. So, if something happens to your bag and the airline misses it somewhere, you’ll know exactly where it is. Don’t worry about it: just place your LugLoc inside your suitcase and leave your worries at home. And remember the device has the perfect size and weight so you won’t even feel it.
  1. Be a lightweight traveler: despite the fact that there are some airlines that give penalties for carrying more weight than the limit, be aware that maybe you’ll have to take your luggage with you several times (from the taxi to your bedroom; from one city to another). A little advice? Bring less clothes and wash them whenever you can.