GPS is the Next Big Thing in Luggage – Plan your trip

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than arriving at your destination without your luggage. Your bags may be delayed by the airline or, worse, claimed by another passenger, either on purpose or by accident. Fortunately, satellite-enabled GPS, the same technology that guides drivers and hikers, is among the hottest new trends in luggage.

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4 geek tips to really truly enjoy your trip

You don’t know what it’s like to travel lightweight until you try it for the first time. It changes your travel life forever. How many times did you just fill in an entire suitcase for the “just in case” situations? You know that as long as you’re connected to the world, everything’s cool. If you really want to travel as a geek, follow these tips.

  1. First things first: the laptop. If you are travelling for a conference in New York, London or even a meetup in Silicon Valley, this is a must-have. Remember that with this precious you should also pack a cable lock (in case you want to leave it at the hotel without worrying about it) and a USB stick.  If you prefer, you can always change your laptop for a tiny ultrabook with a small keyboard. In both cases, don’t you dare forget the charger at home.
  1. Get your maps ready. Let’s say you’re visiting a destination for the first time. Of course, it’s always nice to get lost, end up in unknown locations and explore but, let us tell you: it’s way nicer when you have the time for it. However, if you need to take a quick ride to a conference or the museum is about to close, maps will help you and save you some nerves. Remember to browse through and download all the essential maps a few days prior to your departure. And, if you are a scrapbook lover, you can also use printed maps and museum tickets to save nice paper memories.
  1. Choose those devices and gadgets you can’t live without. Wearable technology is everywhere nowadays so don’t forget to pack your smartwatch, a storage device and other stuff before leaving your city. Depending on what you’re carrying with you, you’ll have to either keep it with you during the flight or dispatch it. If this is the case, you can use LugLoc to help track your luggage all over the world so if something happens to your bag and the airline misses it somewhere, you’ll know where it is. Just place the device inside your suitcase and, at any time, you’ll be able to check the location from your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  1. Music, books and games. Entertainment, baby. Dead hours are the worst. Whether you get caught in the middle of a traffic jam, the jet lag is killing you or you just need quiet time on your own. don’t forget to get your iPod ready, pack some books and bring games with you.