The Future of the Travel Industry

The most exciting time in history to be a traveler is right now. Though sometimes it’s hard to think about it, it can get way more fabulous. We are barely scratching the surface. What does the future hold for travel? And how far will it go?

There’s a huge possibility that, in only a few years, people will use just the Internet to buy their flights, book hotel rooms and plan their trip excursions. Travel agencies, tour operators and the like will have to review their strategy if they want to stay on top of the market. Technology is changing at lightning speed, especially so in the travel industry. It is guided by the principle that people love experiences, more than destinations, and technology empowers this new focus.

There’s no doubt that technology will define the future of the travel industry. With just a click, you get the exact information you need, whenever and wherever you want it. And with each passing day, these services are customized for each person, so they get the information they need right away

So, where are we headed?

Imagine traveling from New York to Australia in one hour. Sounds impossible, right? Well, with supersonic air travel, it is quite possible and right on the horizon. Everyday long-distance transport becomes cheaper and planning tools are more and more user-friendly. Obstacles are falling away and everything is coming together to bring people more opportunities to get on a plane, train, bus or car and travel freely while realizing their perfect vacation dream. It’s as simple as that. And did you know that by the time you finish reading this article, more than a hundred airplanes will take off all over the world? Amazing, isn’t it?

As air travel becomes more and more affordable, quicker and mainstream, one problem persists. Luggage control. Every year 30 million pieces of luggage are lost by airlines. One lost suitcase can ruin a vacation. Scale that to 30 million and you can imagine the impact it has globally.

Meet LugLoc!

LugLoc came to solve this problem with their patented Luggage Locator, a device that pairs smartphones to luggage through GSM (cellular) and Bluetooth technology. With a simple click on a smart phone, smart travelers can locate their luggage anywhere in the World where there is cell phone coverage. Additionally, they can use its Bluetooth functionality to confirm that their luggage made it into the plane, as well as knowing where their luggage is at the baggage claim area.

“Technology today is about empowering the individual, and this is especially true in the travel industry. Travelers can now plan their perfect vacations through a smartphone. From booking flights, hotels and cars online to accessing city tours and apps for everything: maps, top-rated nearby restaurants, and popular excursions, it’s all just a tap away. It’s about controlling every variable in a trip”, emphasizes Carlos Esnal, COO at LugLoc.

Carlos goes on to address the problem LugLoc solves for today’s traveler:

“Our patented product is revolutionary for the travel industry. Up until now, there was no way for airlines or travelers to know – in real time – where their luggage was. With LugLoc, they can. We are currently working with several airlines to link their luggage scanning system with our technology in order to improve the customer experience when luggage is mishandled or lost. By providing LugLoc’s unique tracking technology, airlines are able to know, in real-time, their passengers’ luggage locations, potentially saving millions of dollars in reimbursement costs”.

Using LugLoc is very simple: You only need to download the app, keep the device charged through the included USB cable and, of course, place it inside your luggage. It’s smart technology for tech-savvy business and active travelers.

How to Travel Light and Not Die in the Attempt

Travel masters know this secret: packing small is the key to truly embrace the wonderful experience of traveling the world. You have to try it. You’ll never know what it is to travel light until you are face to face with small and comfortable luggage that waits for you to start the journey.

Give yourself a test: pack a heavy bag and practice being a tourist in your own city. Take a bus, go up and down the stairs at the metro stations near you, walk long distances. You will feel awkward right away. On the other hand, small bags can sit on your lap easily and you can place them under your seat on the bus, taxi or airplane. It’s not just about saving time or money: it’s about improving your traveling lifestyle. Traveling light makes you more mobile and in control of your situation.

Another thing that can really change the way you travel is how you pack your stuff. Don’t do it with the worst-case scenario in mind, since you can find almost everything everywhere. For instance, taking your soap, toothpaste, body cream and razors to go to Europe might not be the best idea. You can buy those personal items when you get there. Think that if many people can live without it, you can as well.


Whether you are traveling for two weeks or four months, pack exactly the same things. You’ll probably have time to wash your clothes, so leave them at the hotel laundry, or look for local cleaners. Separate your clothes so that you can differentiate the clean ones from the dirty ones. Consider using the same clothes several times per trip. Unless you really need to change outfits all the time, don’t waste even a minute thinking about it.

You have a suitcase, not a closet, so bring as little as possible while covering all bases. Easy as pie. Travel casual, go light. Remember, there are tourists who pack light, and there are tourists that wish they had. In a world of over-packers, the ones that control themselves when filling up their luggage are happier and free.

As important as the weight of your luggage is when it’s time to travel, you can also know, whenever you want, where your belongings are while you’re moving from one destination to another. Fortunately, LugLoc helps you take control of those situations, helping you to monitor your bags through your smartphone.

Smart luggage: 7 ground-breaking travel accessories

What do you get when you combine a suitcase with the latest digital technology?

Smart luggage.

If the only smart feature you want is the ability to track your bag, save some money and buy a LugLoc. With a tap on the app, a map will appear showing the location of your suitcase, regardless of where in the world it is.

What can smart bags do that your usual luggage can’t?

All sorts of cool stuff, according to discoveries made at this year’s Travel Goods Showcase in Las Vegas.

In many cases, smart luggage links to your mobile phone via an app, which manages most of the bag’s features.

For instance, you can unlock your bags remotely with your phone or track them wherever and however far they may get away from you.

In some cases, high-tech features are built right into the bag.

For example, you can use your suitcase to recharge mobile devices or to get a party started — several feature speakers that transform a suitcase into a boom box.

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Plan on jet setting? Here’s a few luggage must haves

At this year’s International Travel Goods Show, luggage experts say smart technology, apps, biometrics, internal weighing capabilities and innovative materials are all in the immediate forecast. If you have ever arrived at your destination but your luggage did not, the Lug Loc device and app are just the thing to track exactly where your bag is at all times. Lug Loc is twofold: a device that you place within your suitcase and an app that allows you to track your bag via your smartphone. The initial purchase covers 15 days of unlimited traces and a USB charger cable. $70;

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LugLoc communication 06/2015

With LugLoc, never lose your bag again

LugLoc comes to shake up the IoT and the way you travel

As the world’s first luggage locator, LugLoc has become the smartest travel device. From now on, you can track your bag wherever you are, whenever you want. Know where your luggage is, always.

Whether you are traveling on vacations or you have a business meeting on the other side of the world, arriving at the airport and not seeing your suitcase sounds like the worst scenario. Every year, about 30M bags are lost or misplaced on international and domestic flights. A shame, frankly.

Fortunately, LugLoc comes to the rescue. This luggage locator mixes innovation, technology and passion for traveling. The small and lightweight device utilizes GSM and Bluetooth technology to track luggage anywhere in the world where there is cellphone coverage. So next time the airline loses your bag, LugLoc will find it for you. No more worries!

“We worked with different technologies to get to this solution, GSM-SPRS is the one that better adapts to airport environments, and that is where 99% of luggage is lost. LugLoc works even under thick ceilings and concrete walls”, says Carlos Esnal, COO at LugLoc.

With LugLoc, you can trace your luggage anytime and anywhere by just a tap on your smartphone. Plus, the battery will last over 15 days while in “on” mode and you just pay for what you use. Let’s say you need to carry your instruments for the next show or your snowboard: at all times, you’ll know where they are.

Once you’ve placed your LugLoc inside your bag, download the app to your smart device, iOS or Android. You’ll have 15 days of Unlimited Traces with your purchase; after that period you can purchase more through the apps. Based on how much you travel, you can choose between three different packages: 5, 10 or unlimited traces.

“We wanted to bring peace of mind to travelers by giving them the control of their luggage location with just a tap on their smartphones, and we can say we succeeded!”, emphasized Esnal.

What about the product details?

-GSM-GPRS Tracking Technology

-Low-energy Bluetooth

-Triaxial Accelerometer* that turns off the device at take off, to avoid conflicts with avionics

-Tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules

-FAA Compliant

-Dimensions: 75 x 105 x 10 mm

-Color: Black

-Weight: 0.08 kg

-Battery life: Up to 15 days

-Charger USB cable: 110/220V (Included).

LugLoc can be purchased through in the US and will soon be available in other countries.

Five Tips to Mix Business Trips with Pleasure

Some people think that going on a business trip couldn’t be more awesome: you don’t have to pay for the flight or the (sometimes fancy) hotel and, if you’re lucky enough, you visit a new country. Still, there are many others who believe that this type of traveling leaves much to be desired because, in the majority of the cases, you just wake up, go from one meeting to another, talk about business during your meals and end the day exhausted and without having visited the city at all. Guess what? Even on business trips, you can let the pleasure enter and expand your heart and soul. Check it out.

  1. Plus One. As long as the timetable allows it, it’s always nice to add one day to the end of the work travel schedule. What for? To be fully and completely on the road during the business part and leave another day to relax and enjoy the surroundings. A complete day to enjoy the sun and lie all day on the warm beach can change everything; or maybe you are a museum lover or even a sports fan who wants to immerse yourself in all that a new city has to offer.
  1. Technology Matters (A Lot). There’s no doubt that incorporating tech into your travel experience will make everything easier and more fun. How many times did you spend all the journey worrying about what would happen if you arrived to the new spot and your luggage wasn’t there? Forget about the idea. With LugLoc, place the device in your luggage and just tap on your smartphone. You’ll have everything under control by monitoring your stuff anytime you want, anywhere in the World.
  1. The Surrounding. If you have the chance to choose, plan the meetings at a neutral place such as a café, restaurant or hotel; a relaxed atmosphere is always a positive start and helps creative ideas and conversations flourish.
  1. Everybody Loves Shopping. When you leave home, take into consideration that you’ll be returning from your trip with extra weight. Hopefully, the added weight will be in your bag only! In some cases, you can write a to-do list, but it will be essential to allow room in your checked baggage to bring those newly acquired items home safely and securely.
  1. Composition: The Plan. It’s always nice to leave some time to truly relax and have fun. Check in advance if there are any sporting events, theater shows or other nightly events to take in while you enjoy the city. A real hometown adventure to capture memories is always the most exhilarating. But always plan ahead.

Business travel doesn’t have to be dull or stressful. Make the most of your traveling experience.