Some people think that going on a business trip couldn’t be more awesome: you don’t have to pay for the flight or the (sometimes fancy) hotel and, if you’re lucky enough, you visit a new country. Still, there are many others who believe that this type of traveling leaves much to be desired because, in the majority of the cases, you just wake up, go from one meeting to another, talk about business during your meals and end the day exhausted and without having visited the city at all. Guess what? Even on business trips, you can let the pleasure enter and expand your heart and soul. Check it out.

  1. Plus One. As long as the timetable allows it, it’s always nice to add one day to the end of the work travel schedule. What for? To be fully and completely on the road during the business part and leave another day to relax and enjoy the surroundings. A complete day to enjoy the sun and lie all day on the warm beach can change everything; or maybe you are a museum lover or even a sports fan who wants to immerse yourself in all that a new city has to offer.
  1. Technology Matters (A Lot). There’s no doubt that incorporating tech into your travel experience will make everything easier and more fun. How many times did you spend all the journey worrying about what would happen if you arrived to the new spot and your luggage wasn’t there? Forget about the idea. With LugLoc, place the device in your luggage and just tap on your smartphone. You’ll have everything under control by monitoring your stuff anytime you want, anywhere in the World.
  1. The Surrounding. If you have the chance to choose, plan the meetings at a neutral place such as a café, restaurant or hotel; a relaxed atmosphere is always a positive start and helps creative ideas and conversations flourish.
  1. Everybody Loves Shopping. When you leave home, take into consideration that you’ll be returning from your trip with extra weight. Hopefully, the added weight will be in your bag only! In some cases, you can write a to-do list, but it will be essential to allow room in your checked baggage to bring those newly acquired items home safely and securely.
  1. Composition: The Plan. It’s always nice to leave some time to truly relax and have fun. Check in advance if there are any sporting events, theater shows or other nightly events to take in while you enjoy the city. A real hometown adventure to capture memories is always the most exhilarating. But always plan ahead.

Business travel doesn’t have to be dull or stressful. Make the most of your traveling experience.