Travel masters know this secret: packing small is the key to truly embrace the wonderful experience of traveling the world. You have to try it. You’ll never know what it is to travel light until you are face to face with small and comfortable luggage that waits for you to start the journey.

Give yourself a test: pack a heavy bag and practice being a tourist in your own city. Take a bus, go up and down the stairs at the metro stations near you, walk long distances. You will feel awkward right away. On the other hand, small bags can sit on your lap easily and you can place them under your seat on the bus, taxi or airplane. It’s not just about saving time or money: it’s about improving your traveling lifestyle. Traveling light makes you more mobile and in control of your situation.

Another thing that can really change the way you travel is how you pack your stuff. Don’t do it with the worst-case scenario in mind, since you can find almost everything everywhere. For instance, taking your soap, toothpaste, body cream and razors to go to Europe might not be the best idea. You can buy those personal items when you get there. Think that if many people can live without it, you can as well.


Whether you are traveling for two weeks or four months, pack exactly the same things. You’ll probably have time to wash your clothes, so leave them at the hotel laundry, or look for local cleaners. Separate your clothes so that you can differentiate the clean ones from the dirty ones. Consider using the same clothes several times per trip. Unless you really need to change outfits all the time, don’t waste even a minute thinking about it.

You have a suitcase, not a closet, so bring as little as possible while covering all bases. Easy as pie. Travel casual, go light. Remember, there are tourists who pack light, and there are tourists that wish they had. In a world of over-packers, the ones that control themselves when filling up their luggage are happier and free.

As important as the weight of your luggage is when it’s time to travel, you can also know, whenever you want, where your belongings are while you’re moving from one destination to another. Fortunately, LugLoc helps you take control of those situations, helping you to monitor your bags through your smartphone.