With LugLoc, never lose your bag again

LugLoc comes to shake up the IoT and the way you travel

As the world’s first luggage locator, LugLoc has become the smartest travel device. From now on, you can track your bag wherever you are, whenever you want. Know where your luggage is, always.

Whether you are traveling on vacations or you have a business meeting on the other side of the world, arriving at the airport and not seeing your suitcase sounds like the worst scenario. Every year, about 30M bags are lost or misplaced on international and domestic flights. A shame, frankly.

Fortunately, LugLoc comes to the rescue. This luggage locator mixes innovation, technology and passion for traveling. The small and lightweight device utilizes GSM and Bluetooth technology to track luggage anywhere in the world where there is cellphone coverage. So next time the airline loses your bag, LugLoc will find it for you. No more worries!

“We worked with different technologies to get to this solution, GSM-SPRS is the one that better adapts to airport environments, and that is where 99% of luggage is lost. LugLoc works even under thick ceilings and concrete walls”, says Carlos Esnal, COO at LugLoc.

With LugLoc, you can trace your luggage anytime and anywhere by just a tap on your smartphone. Plus, the battery will last over 15 days while in “on” mode and you just pay for what you use. Let’s say you need to carry your instruments for the next show or your snowboard: at all times, you’ll know where they are.

Once you’ve placed your LugLoc inside your bag, download the app to your smart device, iOS or Android. You’ll have 15 days of Unlimited Traces with your purchase; after that period you can purchase more through the apps. Based on how much you travel, you can choose between three different packages: 5, 10 or unlimited traces.

“We wanted to bring peace of mind to travelers by giving them the control of their luggage location with just a tap on their smartphones, and we can say we succeeded!”, emphasized Esnal.

What about the product details?

-GSM-GPRS Tracking Technology

-Low-energy Bluetooth

-Triaxial Accelerometer* that turns off the device at take off, to avoid conflicts with avionics

-Tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules

-FAA Compliant

-Dimensions: 75 x 105 x 10 mm

-Color: Black

-Weight: 0.08 kg

-Battery life: Up to 15 days

-Charger USB cable: 110/220V (Included).

LugLoc can be purchased through in the US and will soon be available in other countries.