LugLoc luggage locator eases bag separation anxiety

‘Smart luggage’ equipped with GPS and other technologies are on the horizon, but you don’t have to wait to track your bags, thanks to LugLoc, a $70 gadget that slips into a suitcase and shows its location on map in an iOS or Android app. I recently used LugLoc on a trip from San Francisco to New York, and back. The app and device worked as advertised, so I knew on both legs of the trip that my checked bag had made it to the right destinations. Both flights were non-stop, however, and my separation anxiety was less than it would have been had I needed to change planes.

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Getaway Series: Lugloc Luggage Tracker – By Bryan Brazeau

One of a frequent traveler’s greatest fears is losing one’s luggage. While airlines are usually able to get the luggage back to you, it can take days for them to track it down and deliver it. For the exhausted traveler, these days can be filled with anxiety and worry, particularly if you’ve packed any valuables in your luggage. Such worry is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Lugloc luggage tracking system.

This small device fits inside your luggage, and the phone app allows you to locate your bag anywhere in the world, using GSM-GPRS technology (also used by cell phones). It also features LE Bluetooth technology so you can know whether your luggage made it onto the plane, and know when it’s about to come out on the carousel. What’s more, it won’t interfere with avionics since it automatically shuts off sending and receiving functions whenever it is in motion. The device costs around $70, and comes with 15 days of unlimited traces, after which time, you can purchase traces from Lugloc (either in packages of 5 or 10 if you’re an infrequent traveller, or unlimited traces for a year for $29.99).

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4 Urban Myths About Traveling

Urban myths are an inevitable part of any culture. They are folklore stories that pass from one generation to the other; rumors, misinformation and superstitions that need to be cleared up before it’s too late. And “too late” can’t be too soon when it comes to urban myths regarding travel.

  1. It’s complicated to travel with someone and it’s really boring to do it alone. Maybe you’ll find this one really obvious but the point is how you want to face this trip. Some destinations are perfect for contemplating with someone else: not only to share hotel rooms, breakfast time and amazing tours all over the world but also to make memories together. It’s also true that there are places that need to be discovered with a special rhythm, and each one of us has our own pace. Maybe if you’re staying in a city for a couple of days and you get bored, you may feel like to packing your stuff and moving on to the next place.
  1. I don’t have time to travel. If you think that by traveling you necessarily need a couple of months (because if not the money invested in plane tickets, hotels, and more is not worth it), you’ll probably end up waiting your entire life before trying the wonderful experience of a journey. While some people believe that by staying less time in each city or country they won’t appreciate the culture or behavior of the locals, simply forget about that and give yourself some days or weeks to explore and visit, no strings attached. You’ll be amazed at how a short moment can last forever, and how receptive you’ll be to new things.
  1. Great trips are expensive. Not necessarily. First of all, what’s good for someone isn’t necessarily good for someone else. But, nowadays, with the huge amounts of offers, discounts and apps that help you plan the most interesting journey you could ever imagine, traveling can be extremely cheap. Sure, you’ll need to do some online research, and know your options like when it’s best to book and your trip; if taking a train or a bus can make a difference to your pocket-book instead of flying; whether you prefer to share a bedroom at a hostel or have your private bathroom at a fancy five-star hotel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for everyone.
  1. Locals don’t get along with tourists. What? Sure, there are some cities that are more frequently visited by people from different countries to relax, have fun and make sightseeing tours; others, on the other hand, aren’t. So, get along with the locals, whether they are men in suits or artisans, they will try to make the best of your stay just because – thanks to you and the other thousands of tourists – you help them economically by recommending your friends to follow your steps and visit the same place.

Take those myths out of your head and start making your dream trips come true. LugLoc helps you by taking care of your luggage at all times, so you have peace of mind when you travel wherever and whenever and with whomever. Take control of your luggage with LugLoc.

Travel Tip: How to Prevent Lost Luggage – By Peter Greenberg

A new report says that more than 24 million bags were delayed, damaged, lost, or stolen last year by airlines. About five percent of those bags were never seen again. So, how can you avoid being the victim of these luggage travel troubles? Here are some tips on how to prevent lost luggage.

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