In order to offer the best product – that one device you just can’t travel without – we take LugLocs with us on every trip and experiment with them. In this way, we always know first-hand how it works and how it can be improved to make sure you enjoy your trips to the fullest. Our own experiences with them are full of fun anecdotes that you don’t want to miss. Here are just a few.

Carlos Esnal, COO at LugLoc

“Let me tell you about a time when I traveled with ten LugLoc devices that I was taking to test in different countries. After the trip, I went to my mother’s house in Argentina, where I left my stuff for her to unpack while I went to work.

“When I went back to her house the next day, she wasn’t there. I needed to take the devices with me to check the behaviors I had tested with the technical team, but I had no idea where she had left the LugLocs. My mother never picks up her cell phone (when she even remembers to take it with her) so I had no way of knowing where my LugLoc devices were!

I checked the App using the Bluetooth feature and, one by one, I searched for and found them all. Mystery solved!”

Ignacio Tabó, Technology Head & Solution Architect at LugLoc

“I also have an interesting LugLoc story. I was going to meet Carlos Esnal in Miami, as we had been arranging a meeting for some time. That morning when I woke up, I realized that I hadn’t charged my cell phone and so would probably be unreachable until I arrived at the hotel where Carlos and I had our appointment. Since there was nothing I could do about it, I got all my stuff together, including one LugLoc device, and set out on foot, given it was such a nice day.

I must have walked too slowly because I arrived an hour late and my cell was dead. Luckily, Charly was still there waiting for me. After having tried to phone me several times in vain, he used LugLoc to track where I was and saw that, by the time he got to the hotel, I was still crossing Miami Bridge. If it hadn’t been for  LugLoc, he would have left long before I had arrived.”

Mike Akner, Marketing Analyst at LugLoc

“Moving is always quite a messy endeavor, and the last time I did so, I traveled with twelve LugLoc devices separated into four checked bags and two carry-ons. I knew I would be able to track them that way, and when I finally got to my new place, I decided to unpack right away. If there’s one thing I don’t like about traveling, it’s unpacking. But, when it came time to collecting the devices, I couldn’t find the bag where I had put three of them. Knowing what to do, I smiled.

“I connected the Bluetooth to each of the devices and, there it was: I found the bag on the patio with just one LugLoc in it. I kept searching, and sure enough the second one was on a table beneath a pile of clothes. They turned up one by one, and LugLoc managed to organize things quite nicely for me. It was a very happy ending.”

Rob Harper, Advisor at LugLoc

“This happened on a flight to Paris. Unlike other flights, on this particular one I was able to sleep like a baby. I knew that somebody was going to pick me up at the airport and, after a quick shower, I would have my first appointment.

“I tried to get off the plane as fast as I could and went straight to the luggage carrousel. One by one, all of the passengers took their bags and, suddenly, I found myself all alone in the hall and without my stuff.
“I checked my LugLoc app and voilà, my luggage was still in Miami. At least I knew where it was! So I contacted the airline and gave them my address so they could send me my bag as soon as possible. I went ahead with my schedule and, twenty-four hours later, received my suit.”