Traveling with luggage is no longer a nightmare

For some people, packing is one of the worst things about traveling. But this age-old nightmare may now be gone forever. Thanks to technology and the evolution of products and devices that improve people’s lives and adventures, today the journey is more enjoyable and stress-free.

Really smart suitcases

Intelligence has come a long way and, nowadays, even our luggage has it. Some of them can charge your smartphone; others can weigh themselves so that you no longer have to re-pack them when checking in (or face the alternative of paying extra). Some can even verify their owners through biometrical data. No one knows what the future holds, but at this rate suitcases will soon be folding our clothes and doing our laundry as well. Sweet!

Getting organized

Optimizing space is the key to packing for a trip. Fortunately, there are now lightweight bags that help you to get organized with their different compartments (with one for underwear on one side, dirty clothes on the other, etc.). No more lost items or loose grocery bags all over the place. Nice and tidy.

The tiny luggage locator

You know that sinking feeling when the luggage carousel comes around and your suitcase is nowhere to be found? It’s awful, tragic even. Luckily there is LugLoc to help you with that. How? It’s small enough to fit inside your suitcase and uses GSM-GPRS technology and Bluetooth to let you know whether your luggage made it on the plane and when it will come out on the carousel. You just need to place LugLoc inside your bag and download the app. With just a tap on your smartphone, you’ll know exactly where your bag is. This way, LugLoc allows you to travel with smart luggage, and without trouble.

Super chargers

Going to a coffee shop or a restaurant just to use a plug to charge your smartphone is no longer a necessary pit stop during your travels. Although there are now multiple options to solve this problem, there are two that you should definitely be aware of. You can either get a great charger – for example, one that allows you to plug in two or three electronics and USB cables at once – or you can buy yourself an external battery charger so that you’ll never have to worry again about missing calls or updating your Social Media statuses during your travels. It’s quick and easy.

It’s all about traveling smarter and more efficiently. Good luck!