30 Ways to Use Your Smartphone When You Travel

As a luggage tracker: Devices like the LugLoc can help you locate your luggage with the tap of a smartphone, though they require an initial investment.
As a map: As long as location services are enabled, you can see where you are on Google Maps even without a Wi-Fi connection or data (though not directions to where you want to go). For a more detailed map, download the offline version ahead of time from Google Maps, or use other apps like Maps.me (which has a search function) and Spyglass (specializing in outdoor navigation). I also make use of old-fashioned screenshots when I know I can’t count on a continuous Wi-Fi connection (great for showing to cab drivers when there’s a language barrier).

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Gifts for frequent fliers on the go

From flight delays to long layovers, feeling at ease isn’t easy when you are always on the go. At FoxNews.com we know airline passengers are always on the hunt for the latest gadgets or accessories to make the travel experience a bit less aggravating.

This holiday, give your jet lag-ridden traveler a special treat. No matter where they are headed in 2016, these presents are sure to make that flight experience a bit less bumpy.

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Travel products you need to have – LugLoc Luggage Locator

One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re travelling is losing your luggage, which is why it’s worth investing in a Lugloc Luggage Locator. Using Bluetooth and a corresponding app, this award-winning device will track your luggage’s whereabouts, giving you peace of mind, particularly if you travel with valuables.
Watch the video at 5:30 to see how LugLoc works!
We all love traveling and if you have lost your luggage you will wish you had brought something along that can help find your luggage. This technology piece so exciting. This is the LugLoc luggage locator. I know it sounds good, right? So simply charge this up, put it in usb charging, download the app and pop this into your luggage. What it will do is trace your luggage. This will track where your suitcase is.
Stop right there.
It’s a tracker that works on cellular technology so you invoke the trace — now they charge for the trace which i think is a great way to go as there is no subscription thing — you invoke a trace and it will show you where is my suitcase.
Oh. Oh my gosh. So when you’re dealing with that airline counter.
So what if the battery runs out, like the battery is a concern?
This will stay charged for 15 days which i think is great. So you charge it before you go on your trip and that will help you locate it. Not only is it working on cellular technology which helps you locate the city, but if you are waiting at the carousel and waiting and waiting and looking at every single bag come off there you don’t have to do that anymore as it operates with bluetooth and it will show you on your phone as the bag is getting closer, and the bluetooth signal will just show that.
So you can go to the bathroom and oh, I got to go my bag is showing up.
Amazing, amazing.

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10 Mobile Holiday Gifts for $150 or Less

Frequent travelers who check a suitcase may appreciate LugLoc, a $70 baggage-tracking device. LugLoc uses Bluetooth and GSM cellular networking to locate a bag and display it on a map within the LugLoc mobile app. Luggage “traces” are free and unlimited for the first 15 days after you activate the device. Afterwards, you buy traces in bulk starting at $7, which expire one year after the purchase date.

LugLoc eased our baggage separation anxiety on a recent flight to JFK from SFO. Upon arrival, the LugLoc app showed that our bag had made it onto the plane. Downside: You’ll need to remember to recharge the device before each trip.

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How to Reduce Business Travel Stress

The How-To for Reducing Business Travel Stress

Sometimes traveling for business can be really stressful (especially for those who do it quite often). Here are some tips that can help you to actually enjoy the trip and get rid of the stress once and for all. It takes time to perfect, but with a solid pre-travel plan, you can ensure your creativity and productivity abroad.

Plan Ahead and Make Checklists

There’s no doubt that planning as many trip details as possible in advance maximizes efficiency. This means including in your list the documents, files and devices you’ll need, as well as your essentials for traveling. Checklists have always rocked, and while they can take some time to make, they save you much more time during your travels. Saving time is a must to reduce stress on business trips, so checklists can turn out to be your salvation.

Get Better Sleep and Beat the Jet Lag

One common struggle in the business traveler’s lifestyle is missing out on sleep and battling the infamous jet lag. First of all, try to choose a good hotel where you know you’ll be comfortable: after a long day of travel, having a spacious room and a friendly face to meet you can make all the difference. If you  won’t be spending much time at the hotel, you might just want a small room with a big, comfortable bed and a good TV, which is becoming the mainstream for business travelers. And to avoid jet lag, experts say that staying hydrated on flights, exercising, and making sure your skin sees the sun are the best strategies.

Take Care of your Luggage

The last thing you need while traveling for business is to lose your bags and arrive late for your first appointment in the new city. It doesn’t matter if you’re going straight to a meeting or just to rest a bit in your hotel room: lost luggage just can’t happen. It brings intense stress to even the most seasoned traveler and, in some cases, the bags are lost for good. LugLoc absolves this stress by monitoring where your luggage is at all times. How? It utilizes GSM-GPRS Technology to locate your bags with a tap on your smartphone. A message is sent from the app to the device and once it is received, LugLoc communicates its location back to the smartphone. As simple (and stress-free) as that.

Eat Well, Eat Healthy

You need to manage your life abroad as you would at home. That also means eating well. Remember that when the trip ends you go back to your normal life, and the best thing you can do is to make good choices on the road and not to change your diet all the time, as this can really take a toll on your body. Take some liberties and go to restaurants with tasty, but healthy options, taking the opportunity to try out new places. Healthier meals will give you the energy you need to overcome time zone changes and the challenges of the life on the road.

5 Tech Gadgets that Every Traveler Should Have

Whether you are planning another business trip or heading to the mountains for a relaxing holiday, when it comes to your tech travel kit there are some gadgets you just can’t leave behind. Save yourself some time, read our list and choose which items you agree are worth packing.

Wireless Mobile Router

The reality is that there are many hotels that put a limit on the number of wireless devices that can be connected to the Internet at one time. If you’re traveling alone and using one or two phones, a laptop and a tablet, chances are you will have to  pay an extra fee. And if you’re traveling with your whole family on a given travel budget, paying for this extra access can really take a toll on your pockets. The solution to keeping this bill down is a wireless mobile router that turns any Ethernet or wireless Internet connection into a personal WiFi hotspot, allowing you to connect as many wireless devices as you like.

International Travel Adapters

Depending on the country you’re visiting, you may need to take an adaptor or two. Fortunately, there are several adaptors on the market that allow you to replace your collection of plugs with a single adaptor that does it all. Some of them are so tiny that they can fit in your pocket or purse and can charge all of your mobile devices no matter where your travels take you. However, always be aware of the voltage, as you could burn your electronics.


Without question, e-readers are a fantastic device to take around on your travels. The vast majority of them have nice displays that make them not only easy to read in bright sunlight but also light up in the dark. They allow you to carry around an extensive library of books in digital format, while weighing almost nothing.

Luggage Locator

Tracking your bags and knowing where they are at all times has never been so easy. LugLoc is a rechargeable luggage locator designed to be used in conjunction with your smartphone to track and trace your luggage anywhere. This device uses the GSM network, runs on a rechargeable battery and operates through the LugLoc app. It’s such a drag to lose your luggage; save yourself the trouble.


Long waits at the airport are never fun. This can be one of the most stressful parts of travel, but allowing yourself to get lost in your favourite music can actually turn it into a really relaxing experience. That’s why you can’t forget to bring your headphones with you. There are plenty of models on the market, featuring a range of prices, sizes and weights, so take your pick!