Whether you are planning another business trip or heading to the mountains for a relaxing holiday, when it comes to your tech travel kit there are some gadgets you just can’t leave behind. Save yourself some time, read our list and choose which items you agree are worth packing.

Wireless Mobile Router

The reality is that there are many hotels that put a limit on the number of wireless devices that can be connected to the Internet at one time. If you’re traveling alone and using one or two phones, a laptop and a tablet, chances are you will have to  pay an extra fee. And if you’re traveling with your whole family on a given travel budget, paying for this extra access can really take a toll on your pockets. The solution to keeping this bill down is a wireless mobile router that turns any Ethernet or wireless Internet connection into a personal WiFi hotspot, allowing you to connect as many wireless devices as you like.

International Travel Adapters

Depending on the country you’re visiting, you may need to take an adaptor or two. Fortunately, there are several adaptors on the market that allow you to replace your collection of plugs with a single adaptor that does it all. Some of them are so tiny that they can fit in your pocket or purse and can charge all of your mobile devices no matter where your travels take you. However, always be aware of the voltage, as you could burn your electronics.


Without question, e-readers are a fantastic device to take around on your travels. The vast majority of them have nice displays that make them not only easy to read in bright sunlight but also light up in the dark. They allow you to carry around an extensive library of books in digital format, while weighing almost nothing.

Luggage Locator

Tracking your bags and knowing where they are at all times has never been so easy. LugLoc is a rechargeable luggage locator designed to be used in conjunction with your smartphone to track and trace your luggage anywhere. This device uses the GSM network, runs on a rechargeable battery and operates through the LugLoc app. It’s such a drag to lose your luggage; save yourself the trouble.


Long waits at the airport are never fun. This can be one of the most stressful parts of travel, but allowing yourself to get lost in your favourite music can actually turn it into a really relaxing experience. That’s why you can’t forget to bring your headphones with you. There are plenty of models on the market, featuring a range of prices, sizes and weights, so take your pick!