The How-To for Reducing Business Travel Stress

Sometimes traveling for business can be really stressful (especially for those who do it quite often). Here are some tips that can help you to actually enjoy the trip and get rid of the stress once and for all. It takes time to perfect, but with a solid pre-travel plan, you can ensure your creativity and productivity abroad.

Plan Ahead and Make Checklists

There’s no doubt that planning as many trip details as possible in advance maximizes efficiency. This means including in your list the documents, files and devices you’ll need, as well as your essentials for traveling. Checklists have always rocked, and while they can take some time to make, they save you much more time during your travels. Saving time is a must to reduce stress on business trips, so checklists can turn out to be your salvation.

Get Better Sleep and Beat the Jet Lag

One common struggle in the business traveler’s lifestyle is missing out on sleep and battling the infamous jet lag. First of all, try to choose a good hotel where you know you’ll be comfortable: after a long day of travel, having a spacious room and a friendly face to meet you can make all the difference. If you  won’t be spending much time at the hotel, you might just want a small room with a big, comfortable bed and a good TV, which is becoming the mainstream for business travelers. And to avoid jet lag, experts say that staying hydrated on flights, exercising, and making sure your skin sees the sun are the best strategies.

Take Care of your Luggage

The last thing you need while traveling for business is to lose your bags and arrive late for your first appointment in the new city. It doesn’t matter if you’re going straight to a meeting or just to rest a bit in your hotel room: lost luggage just can’t happen. It brings intense stress to even the most seasoned traveler and, in some cases, the bags are lost for good. LugLoc absolves this stress by monitoring where your luggage is at all times. How? It utilizes GSM-GPRS Technology to locate your bags with a tap on your smartphone. A message is sent from the app to the device and once it is received, LugLoc communicates its location back to the smartphone. As simple (and stress-free) as that.

Eat Well, Eat Healthy

You need to manage your life abroad as you would at home. That also means eating well. Remember that when the trip ends you go back to your normal life, and the best thing you can do is to make good choices on the road and not to change your diet all the time, as this can really take a toll on your body. Take some liberties and go to restaurants with tasty, but healthy options, taking the opportunity to try out new places. Healthier meals will give you the energy you need to overcome time zone changes and the challenges of the life on the road.