One of the most frustrating things that can happen when you’re travelling is losing your luggage, which is why it’s worth investing in a Lugloc Luggage Locator. Using Bluetooth and a corresponding app, this award-winning device will track your luggage’s whereabouts, giving you peace of mind, particularly if you travel with valuables.
Watch the video at 5:30 to see how LugLoc works!
We all love traveling and if you have lost your luggage you will wish you had brought something along that can help find your luggage. This technology piece so exciting. This is the LugLoc luggage locator. I know it sounds good, right? So simply charge this up, put it in usb charging, download the app and pop this into your luggage. What it will do is trace your luggage. This will track where your suitcase is.
Stop right there.
It’s a tracker that works on cellular technology so you invoke the trace — now they charge for the trace which i think is a great way to go as there is no subscription thing — you invoke a trace and it will show you where is my suitcase.
Oh. Oh my gosh. So when you’re dealing with that airline counter.
So what if the battery runs out, like the battery is a concern?
This will stay charged for 15 days which i think is great. So you charge it before you go on your trip and that will help you locate it. Not only is it working on cellular technology which helps you locate the city, but if you are waiting at the carousel and waiting and waiting and looking at every single bag come off there you don’t have to do that anymore as it operates with bluetooth and it will show you on your phone as the bag is getting closer, and the bluetooth signal will just show that.
So you can go to the bathroom and oh, I got to go my bag is showing up.
Amazing, amazing.

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