Being student means carrying so many things in our backpack, such as laptop, books, notes, camera and more. Unintentionally, we all have one common fear before we take our backpack or luggage to go somewhere. This is forgetting or losing our bags and not being able to find them. However, thanks to the creators of LugLoc luggage locator, we don’t have to worry that much anymore. This bag finder is a tracking device and with LugLoc luggage locator we can have peace of mind during our travels.  In order to use this device, you need to download the app and register your LugLoc through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. In addition, LugLoc luggage locator features a rechargeable battery that lasts 15 days.

Learn More at LugLoc – $ 69.99 or Find One from Amazon – $69.99

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The low-cost air revolution

There’s no doubt that the revolution in low-cost airfare has changed the tourism market. It’s not just a forecast on the horizon, but a palpable reality in current figures showing that each day brings more and more adherents. In terms of the industry itself, economic crises around the world have not been the main driver of the phenomenon, but they have truly helped accelerate and expand it to the point that, nowadays, this business model -born under the airline industry wings- has spread to different economic sectors.

A new type of client

Since the turn of the new millennium, with the 9/11 attacks and the rise in crude oil prices from conflicts in the Middle East, airline companies had to rethink their commercial strategies. While the biggest carriers did not prove the frontrunners in this regard, the budget airlines started to wade in, expanding their business and even building exclusive airports for their fleets.  

According to recent trending studies, low-cost companies give consumers what they demand: lower prices, direct routes, quick online purchases and no intermediaries. Offering customized products with accurate pricing is essential considering that, for this type of consumer, pricing is the key.

Some of the main traditional airlines have now managed to enter this market by starting their own low-cost airfares with the aim of segmenting their market and adapting to this new type of client. Although the service and comfort are low-cost as well, fees are more competitive and become a great alternative for those who are not as demanding in their travel preferences and simply want to pay less.

Opportunities for every pocket

The fact that Internet is so accessible to the majority of the population has aided the low-cost trend substantially. It is a free medium on which to circulate promotions, as well as a platform for the potential customers to make reservations and buy tickets in the blink of an eye. Social Media is another new instrument that has recently come to scene to further bolster this revolution.

In any case, what is certain is that this revolution helps people with less purchasing power to have greater access to the tourist market, and that’s always a great thing. The future of low-cost tourism has arrived and there will certainly be new formulas and better possibilities for every budget. And remember that, whether you are choosing a regular flight or a low-cost one, you can always take control of what happens to your luggage while you travel using LugLoc and enjoying the journey.


Tips for low-cost flights

-Some of these flights take off from airports that are typically further from the city center. Make sure you take this into account when buying your tickets, so you can plan accordingly.

-The flight times may be unusual. Be aware that if public transportation does not run that early in the morning or late at night, you will have to take a taxi.

-Remember that low-cost flights may vary considerably in price from one day to another. You should take advantage of this if you are planning a trip in advance and check it day by day.

-In most cases, you have only one suitcase included in the price, which could be an issue if you have a lot to carry with you. Beware of the extra fees in low-cost flights.



The perfect holiday gift for the traveler in your life!

Yes, I admit it. As a frequent traveler, I have luggage-separation issues. And with 30 million lost luggage claims annually, it’s no wonder. Did my beloved Kipling bag make the flight? Did it get lost in the terminal? Is it on its’ way to Cuba? Oh, the anxiety!
But now I don’t need to worry because I’ve got award-winning LugLoc (Lug-gage Loc-ator). This little baby allows me to track my luggage in real time by using an app on my smartphone. All you need to do is turn on this small, lightweight device and put it in your suitcase.

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Best Family Travel Tips for Christmas 2015 and the Holidays

Keep track of your bag

There’s nothing that will ruin a trip more than losing your luggage. Pick up a LugLoc ($70), a product with GSM cellular network and Bluetooth LE connectivity that you can place in your bag to help you track it if it goes missing.

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5 Apps and Products Every Smart Traveler Needs

Lugloc: What’s the best way to ruin your vacation? Food poisoning. The second best way? Losing all your luggage. Along with your snorkel and underwear, make sure you pack a Lugloc, a device that sits inside your bag and allows you to track its location from your phone.

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Travel Secrets to Help You Get Home for the Holidays

Laura Begley Bloom, editor in chief of Yahoo Travel, reveals great tips for when you hit the road. LugLoc is featured in this video which shows a small Demo on how LugLoc works, together with other great gifts for travelers worldwide. A must see for trip veterans.

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Single Travel: Tips for Solo Business Trips

Maybe traveling alone was never your first choice, but sometimes you just have no other option. Taking solo business trips can actually be a great opportunity for you to handle yourself in a different context with new people. This list of tips will help you make the most of your solo business trips.

Talk to Strangers and Watch the World Around You

Traveling alone is the best time to be outgoing and strike up conversations with strangers. When you’re not in a meeting and can take a couple of hours for yourself, try to talk to anyone and everyone who looks friendly. Meet the locals, connect with them and, if you have time, see if you can take a free local tour to observe how people interact and how things work there.


Don’t Be Put Off by Dining Alone: Go Out and Enjoy Yourself

No business meetings at night? Go to restaurants with communal tables and ask a local to order for you, not just to start a conversation but to learn about the typical cuisine there. As the day comes to an end, the to-do list is all checked off and the next day’s schedule is ready, treat yourself to something nice: go out, find a pub, sit at a bar or even get tickets to a show.

Pack Light and Be Prepared

Making your luggage manageable is absolutely essential when flying solo. Initially, you might be inclined to take everything with you, but time will make you a better packer, don’t worry. Keep in mind that there’s almost nothing that you can’t buy abroad: so don’t overpack. Travel casual, drama free. Of course, important documents and papers, business cards and your smartphone for work are things you simply can’t leave behind. Plus, if you’ve ever had bad experiences with mishandled luggage in the past, another essential to consider is LugLoc, a small device that lets you know where in the world your luggage is. With just a tap on your smartphone (and the miracle of Bluetooth) alerts you when your luggate is coming out on the baggage carousel.