Lost luggage is an inconvenience for anyone, but it can be disastrous for people whose work involves travel.

That’s because some jobs require the use of equipment that is not only vital to a person’s occupation, but can also be very expensive. Worst of all is that if an airline loses luggage with work equipment in it, the job can’t get done, affecting income and reputation.

Although all travelers and all professions share an equal risk of losing their luggage on any trip, below are five professions that involve traveling with costly equipment. The good news is you can take steps to mitigate your risk of lost time and financial setback. One great solution is a well-trusted product by LugLoc.


One of the reasons people choose to become photographers is that they hope to see the world, capturing different cultures, and famous sites.

Most of us make do with the cameras on our phones, but professional photographers own multiple cameras with different lenses and lighting so that they can take high-quality pictures under different conditions.Taking pictures indoors or outdoors, during the daytime and the nighttime, or taking pictures of people as opposed to nature scenes. This all requires expensive equipment.

“When I have to do a shoot in New York, and I say goodbye to my cameras at the airport, I always worry,” says Miami-based music photographer Larry Marano, whose work is regularly featured in top publications such as ‘Rolling Stone’. “It’s not just that they are expensive, but I have been working with them for years and I’m always concerned about them getting lost or damaged.”

Replacing lost cameras while traveling can be a nightmare, not only because of the cost but also because photographers get comfortable with their cameras and don’t want to learn how to use a new one while on an assignment. The digital age means photographers don’t have to worry about their film getting lost or damaged, but any pro photographer is bound a let out a sigh of relief when they claim their cameras and lenses at the airport.


Musicians dream of making a living by playing around the world, and that can’t be done without an instrument.

From rockers playing their favorite guitar across the country to orchestra players traveling the world with expensive string and brass instruments, musicians need to know their equipment is on the right flight and is being well cared for.

Small instruments such as violins and even some guitars can be carried-on, and some musicians will pay for an extra seat for their instruments weighing up to 165 pounds. But sometimes, instruments do have to be checked-in. And losing an instrument is no excuse to cancel a concert, because the show must go on.


Based on the Indiana Jones movies, you might think being an archeologist is one job of constant discovery and adventure. Obviously, it’s not really like that, and there’s a lot of work with this job that doesn’t involve being at digs, but traveling to archeology sites require a vast variety of equipment, not just tools.

First-aid kits, boots, pack backs, hydration systems, and specialized clothing for all sorts of weather and conditions are needed for the job. It’s all required not only to get the work done, but to stay safe and protected from the elements. That gear getting lost isn’t an option, because replacing it all would be both expensive and difficult.


An artist who travels the world in order to paint an amazing image of the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or the Colosseum, is going to have the check their tools because most artist’s paint comes in tubes that are too big to be checked.

Then there’s the matter of a finished masterpiece. Smaller paintings can be carried on, but larger ones can’t. To spend time creating a work of art, only for it to be lost by an airline would be heartbreaking for any artist.

Business Executives

So much of modern business is done with computers that it’s easy to forget that the tangible items people touch and hold are still part of business presentations.

There are advantages to using printed reports because printed copies mean the people doing the presentation are in control of distributing them as they wish, and aren’t at the mercy of other people’s computer skills. Samples of a product you may be pitching for are another element of presentations that cannot be done virtually.

And if these things are lost, they will take much time to replace. That is the last thing a businessperson needs is to worry about, lost materials prior to a key meeting or presentation.

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