They say lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same place, but for Tim Gildner, a tech executive based in Chicago, it sure felt that way when his luggage was lost by a major airline, almost a year to the day that it was “misplaced” by another major carrier.

“Each March I go to a conference in Las Vegas, and two years in a row, the airlines lost my luggage on my return home—and they were different companies,” he says. “The first time, it took three days to get my bag home to me; last time they never found it.”

Among his lost items were clothes, “tech goodies” he picked up at the Expo and the bathroom bag that he takes with him regularly on trips.

“It’s so frustrating. You put your bag down just like everyone else when you go to your plane, but you’re there standing by the baggage carousel alone,” he says. “And there are items I have that you can’t put in a carry-on bag, so I have to check it.”

As someone who travels a lot, Gildner has declared these airlines off-limits for him and he switched to Southwest Airlines two years ago.

“I’ve probably flown about three dozen times with them and I have never once had a problem with my luggage, knock on wood,” he says. “I don’t understand why all airlines can’t be like them, but for me, they are far and away the best.”

Gildner’s words ring true as Southwest Airlines employs the very best to help its passengers. Just watch the following video of how a Customer Service Agent drives for hours to return a pair of shoes to a customer. This shows that there is a strong culture doing everything in their power to make things right for their customers.

One of his favourite parts is that Southwest’s baggage policy states that it doesn’t charge for a customer’s first or second bag, and that’s perfect for his short business trips, where he often carries one bag and his golf clubs. Few in the industry are so accommodating.

Southwest Airlines works to ensure that its baggage experience is tops in the industry.

Brian Parrish, Southwest Airlines’ outreach spokesperson, notes that upon customer check-in, Southwest customer service agents pay strict attention to ensure checked bags are properly tagged with each item’s final destination.

“Once that is done, the Southwest Ramp Team manually verifies the final destination on each bag’s tag and loads bags onto the proper flights to the final destination,” Parrish says. “We place an intense focus on making certain that we properly tag each piece of checked baggage with the correct final destination upon customer check-in. Our Ground Operations Team manually reads each tag on checked baggage to ensure items are properly loaded so that we deliver our customers’ checked items as promised.”

The popular airline utilizes an internal tracking system for checked baggage, and all Southwest Baggage Service Offices are equipped to assist customers with locating and delivering their checked baggage in each airport that it serves.

“While we do not currently offer baggage apps or online tracking, we are always looking at future applications that might enhance our customers’ travel experiences on Southwest Airlines,” Parrish says.

One of those solutions is LugLoc. Of course, had Gildner had the LugLoc, he may not have experienced such problems. The innovative new app is the perfect way to keep track of your bags—regardless of how you travel.

LugLoc offers all travellers the ability to track any bags by purchasing a tracking system, which combines GSM and Bluetooth technology and then downloading a simple app. With a simple tap to the app, a map will appear showing the location of any bag, regardless of where in the world it is.

Credit photos: Southwest Airlines

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