Maybe you travel once a month and are so used to flying that you have started considering the plane your second home. However, air traveling can become a stressful experience for everyone. Getting to the airport and realizing that your flight is delayed or even cancelled due to weather, mechanical malfunctions, strikes or suspect packages are way beyond your control and can be a slap on your face. Unpredictable circumstances happen and in these situations, considering that this is the reality of air travel, the best thing you can do is remain calm, flexible and patient.

Here are a few tips to help you kill time, make it better and, hopefully, get back home, to your holiday destination or to your business meeting ASAP.

Try to be early. When it comes to delays, early morning flights usually suffer less. That’s why getting to the airport with plenty of time will allow you not only to react more quickly in case of a change of plans but also to look for alternatives to get to your destination right away. It’s always a good idea to check the airline’s website before leaving home in case any change has been informed. If you notice that the status of your flight has been modified and you see delays online, contact the airline directly for more information.

Entertain yourself. Playing videos loud on your phone or spending long hours with an e-book reader may not be your kind of thing but, somehow, you need to do something to kill time. So start embracing these activities, load your laptop or tablet with films before leaving home and prepare yourself to have fun (or, at least, try to help time go by more quickly).

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Know your rights. Although it can (still) sound really strange, nowadays many airlines don’t compensate passengers when flights are delayed or canceled. Just in case, be sure to check out the policies before booking a flight and if you happen to be in this stressful situation, claim for a compensation and request assistance in a polite manner. Also remember that travel insurance is a guarantee that whatever trouble you might encounter it will be easier to solve.

Generally, if your flight has been delayed by less than three hours, you won’t likely obtain any vouchers from the Airline, though you should still ask. If it has been delayed for over three hours, chances are you are entitled to refreshments vouchers, though it depends on the Airline. If your flight has been delayed for over 5 hours, many Airlines also allow travelers to either have their flights changed, or to fulfill a refund. Each Airline has different policies, so you should check each one individually.

Sleep like a baby. In case you don’t fly on business class, let’s make clear that airplanes are not the most comfortable places to take a nap at. The good thing about airports is that you have more space to improvise a sleeping place. And, of course, it’s always a good idea to have the tools to book a room on the fly: keeping hotel apps on your smartphone makes it easier if you happen to have the time to leave the airport for a couple of hours to try and relax a little bit.

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Eat and drink. Depending on the airport at which you are, you’ll find plenty of options for eating and drinking. From waffles to sushi, you can choose the order. Some airlines give the passengers a couple of vouchers to enjoy the terminals food and help them forget the bad moment (in the majority, that’s not enough for them to smile big). And, although sometimes it’s nice to let yourself go and enjoy the free champagne you may get for the inconvenience, water will help you stay hydrated and have a better flight whenever that happens.

With these tips you will be better equipped even if the unexpected happens. You can never count on delays and cancellations. But when talking about your luggage and personal belongings, LugLoc can help you get them track anytime and anywhere. At least you’ll know that for sure.


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