For many years people thought that hotels would never change their standard way of doing things: travelers check in at reception desks, pick up room keys and transport their luggage to their rooms. So boring and old school.

Fortunately, one day the travel industry realized that frequent travelers would really appreciate an evolution and, nowadays, we can say that hotel technology is getting increasingly creative to provide a more seamless guest-friendly experience from check-in to check-out.

Just like the MagicBands of Disney World, a wristband that is used to get into your room, buy food and enter the park, among other things, many hotels are also giving their hosts a smart band to have it all within reach. In this way, people have in the same wearable device a key to the the resort room and a digital wallet that can even be used on vending machines. There’s no doubt that this idea makes it easier for you to spend money. Tui Group, for example, has designed a smartband connected to a room’s lighting and environment controls so that, when you walk out, the lights and air-conditioner turn off, saving on electricity.

Let’s take into consideration that, in 2015, almost 70% of Americans had a smartphone. This helps to firm up the fact that this type of interaction is one of the most popular targets for hotel industry. Nowadays, chains like Marriott allow customers to check in directly from their mobile app the day before their arrival, as their credit card information is stored within their Marriott Rewards profile. But that’s not all. Today you can also request items to your room using mobile devices. “Message us for housekeeping, amenities, valet and more”, is noted on their website.

Have you heard about the robot butler that works in Aloft Cupertino Hotel? Starwood, one of the world’s largest hotel companies, has added two automated assistants that deliver bottled water, towels and other amenities to guest rooms and the lobby. When a guest calls down and asks for something they need, the hotel employees load up the robot with the requested items, dial in the room number and the tech butler handles the rest.

You can start a smart trip from the moment you leave home: LugLoc is a tiny device that helps you track your luggage anytime and anywhere. A true jewel for travelers that appreciate the tech that hotels provide today. Meet LugLoc now.


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