LugLoc Announces New Service Plans for its Luggage Locator

Owning a luggage locator that leverages cellular technology involves two prices, the price you pay for the device, and the price you pay to track your bag through GSM.  We’ve received excellent feedback from LugLoc’s passionate user base, and created new simplified Service plans that launched the 14 of June, 2016.

Improved initial Service period

From now on, every device purchase includes FREE 30-day service plan included. This is twice what it used to be before! This activates the first time the LugLoc device location is requested.

New Unlimited Plans
You wanted unlimited plans, and we listened! You can now track your luggage as much as you’d like within each new option. Users can now choose from different service plans, including a month of unlimited tracking for $4.99, 6 months for $19.99, and $29.99 for annual unlimited service.

New Automatic Tracking
You also wanted LugLoc to track itself automatically, and we made it happen! From now on, LugLoc will automatically notify you when its location changes, all on it’s own! You can still manually refresh the location of your device at any time. No more going out of the way to track your luggage, the app will notify you as your luggage changes locations.

Going on a trip for a month? $4.99 will net you all the security you need to stay in control of your bag around the world. Have a busy season of traveling? LugLoc’s six-month $19.99 plan is a great fit for your needs. Need to keep track of your bag all the time, year round? Our year-round $29.99 of unlimited, automatic service plan is all you’ll ever need over the course of a year.

Old plans offered 15 days of free traces with initial purchase, Individual traces packs, and annual unlimited traces for $29.99. The new plan offers more value, flexibility, and most importantly what LugLoc users have asked for from the start – simplicity and peace of mind.

We’ve been working exhaustively to bring you the best travel experience you deserve. Thank you for your support!