Some people look at a piece of luggage and see little more than a bag to put things in when they take a trip, but for others, their luggage is special.

It might be that luggage is more than a place to keep your clothes and essentials, as it holds memories of trips taken around the world. Or maybe it was a gift from someone special, or it’s something you’re comfortable with and traveling without it wouldn’t be right.

Whatever the reason, if you’re sentimental about your luggage, don’t fret, because you aren’t alone. That’s why we asked people to tell us the stories behind their luggage.

Yuchun Cheng is a San Francisco-based jewelry designer and the founder of S for Sparkle. She was born in Taiwan, where her father made combination locks for luggage and suitcases. The story behind her bag is truly inspirational.

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“My father gave me a suitcase with his combination locks on it after I got a green card in 2014,” Cheng says. Since opening her business last year, she has attended many craft shows and always brings that suitcase with her.

“Every time I pack with all my show booth setup in this suitcase, I think of the day I decided to move 6,000 miles away from home so I can give myself a chance to build my own future in my own terms,” Cheng says. “Every time I drag this suitcase to a craft show, I think of my family, and hope one day I would make them feel proud. When I unpack, I would put my guard down and cry a little telling myself it’s going to be worthwhile. After 15 plus craft shows, this suitcase is still in good shape but all scratched up. It’s more than just a suitcase, it’s a reminder of my own promise.”

Zondra Wilson is an actress and model and president and CEO of Blu Skin Care, her own line of organic skin products. With a career devoted to glamor and beauty, it’s an old Cleveland Indians tote bag, given to her by her mother, that holds a special place in her heart.

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“I’ve had it at least 15 years,” Wilson says. “My mom passed on Sunday, May 26, 2013. I still carry it to this day. I love it because it represents my hometown and it’s something my mom gave me before she passed.”

Joy Donnell is an entrepreneur, sustainable luxury advocate and Editor-in-Chief of Vanichi Magazine. Her special bag is a Cole Haan cordovan leather suitcase that she’s had for nearly 20 years.

“The bag still exudes simple sophistication with gently rounded edges, a gorgeous brass combination lock and pinstripe lining that is its own work of art,” Donnell says. “The moment I saw it on the shelf, I knew it would be mine. It held a certain dream and promise for me about the woman I am and the woman I would become.”

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What makes it special is that it’s the first piece of luggage she purchased with her own money, just as she had finished college and was about to start her career. She still uses it for weekend getaways and short business trips.

“Sometimes I even find excuses to use it,” she says. “Back then, it was a bit of a splurge item but it was worth it to me because the bag symbolized the beginning of the rest of my adult life: independence, elegance and travel.”

Sarah Lisovich is the senior editor and content strategist at CIA Medical. A regular traveler, she says that regardless of who she travels with, it’s her luggage that’s her partner in crime.

“I first got my luggage as a gift from my family at age 18, when I went on my first trip out of the country to Italy,” she says. “It served me well, and ever since then, I have accumulated stickers from every country I have visited. In this way, my luggage has become personalized and recognizable, making it a testament to my travels, like a passport filled with stamps.”

Losing any of these special bags would be terrible for their owners. The LugLoc luggage locator app can help you make sure that your luggage, and its contents, are safe and secure.




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