A business trip or a family holiday are all too often the perfect situations to slack on workouts and take a vacation from fitness. Fortunately those excuses don’t make any sense nowadays, as you simply need a device to continue moving your bones with your everyday routine. Sure, if you think that Pokémon Go counts as exercise and helps you burn off calories, then that counts as well. Otherwise, check out these three apps for working out when traveling.

Map My Run

Going for a run is easy when traveling. You just need to have packed a pair of sneakers and workout clothes, and then you are ready to jog anywhere. However, not knowing the details of your vacation local, where to go and how to come back to the hotel, is sometimes the perfect excuse for not exercising. MapMyRun is a must-have app that helps you plan a workout totally based on the best things to see in the city and allows you to check out local tourists attractions. It’s all about tracking your route, plus calories burned, elevation and your nutrition for the day.

With this app, you can instantaneously get your running maps and view them in Google or Google Earth. Then, you can post them to your social media accounts, blog or website, email them to friends or print them out. Routes can be saved automatically, and the app will keep track of past stats and compare it with future workouts on the same route. Download this app for iPhone or Android.


If you need a little extra incentive to stick to your workout routine, you can find the perfect one with Pact. This smartphone app pays you to exercise and eat right. Yes, we’re talking about having a more healthy life and earning money to do it. It offers three different  kinds of pacts – food, veggie and gym.

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The food pact requires you to log your daily intake using MyFitnessPal and it syncs directly with Pact while the veggie pact makes you set a goal to eat a certain amount of fruits and vegetables per week and, to verify that, you need to snap a photo with your phone before eating. For the gym pact you are given credit for trips to the gym, bike rides of at least 30 minutes, a daily step count of at least 10.000, and so on. So you know, you don’t pay anything up front. When you sign up for a pact, you select a certain amount that is deducted from your credit card or PayPal account for each day you miss. If you hit your goal, then you get paid a reward ranging from 30 cents to $5 per week and the reward money comes from people who fail to honor their pacts. Download this app for iPhone and Android.


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Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t like training the same way each day. Sworkit is a randomized circuit-training app that allows people to choose what muscle they want to work out, and for how long. Each individual exercise lasts for 30 seconds and is accompanied by an in-app illustration in case the move is not familiar (includes high quality video content with audio guidance recorded in 13 different languages). You can take your exercise routines anywhere and anytime and they can go from 5 minutes to one hour. Just touch the screen to start up a circuit (there’s also a yoga/stretching option) and you’re ready to go. You can choose between full body, upper body, lower body, core strength, lower body and more. Select the time, press “start” and your workout begins. Download for iPhone and Android.

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In a 2.0 world full of hundreds of fitness apps, you now have three more to try when traveling to get in shape in no time. Too busy to workout? Too tired to get out and move? Think again. These apps will get you going in just a few minutes a day.














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