An avalanche of wearable products is coming our way and you should enjoy the new releases. Thanks to the advent of f technology, wearable products are becoming easier to own than ever before.. Not only are these tech accessories fashionable, but also functional. One  can monitor sleep, track fitness, count calories, and even feel a buzz you if you need to move more.

They say that smart clothes are the future of wearables. Overall, fitness tracking bands and smartwatches are by far the most popular type of wearable technology at the moment. They can tell us everything about accurate fitness metrics and detailed analysis of workouts in a few minutes. Thankfully, many companies are beginning to think beyond gym rats. Take a look at these five must-have when traveling:

24/7 Charger Jeans

Charging your phone from the wall sounds old-school nowadays. Joes Jeans created #Hello, a luxury and skinny jean designed to carry your phone and keep you charged at all times. You just place your iPhone in the secret side pocket, connect it to the power cord and then press the power button on the battery pack to charge. This doesn’t come cheap. Jeans: $189. Battery pack: $49.

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Footwear That Leads The Way

How about this for amazing –  Lechal. Imagine if your shoes told you which way to go without you ever having to take your eyes off the road or sidewalk. “Slip into your smart footwear, set your destination in your app, and let Lechal show you the way through gentle vibrations”. The shoes sync over Bluetooth to an app that pulls your path from Google Maps. Plus, it counts steps, calories and measures the distance travelled. It logs your activity, so that you can keep track of your fitness.


Touch-sensitive clothing

Google And Levi’s designed a piece of clothing different from others. It appears to be as normal as any denim but it’s not: it has a conductive yarn that enables touch interactivity. Users can tap, swipe or hold on the left cuff of the sleeve to fulfill simple tasks like changing music tracks, blocking or answering calls or accessing navigation information (delivered by voice). All functions that can be sustained while riding in place of having to pull a phone out to do them.


A Smart Sock For The Little Ones

The Owlet Baby Monitor is a world-changing “smart sock” that measures a baby’s heart rate and breathing. It uses the same pulse oximetry technology used in hospitals and can monitor heart rate to make sure the little one’s breathing and sleep has been uninterrupted. This tiny beauty comes in three different sizes to ensure a snug fit and charges up via a small base station.

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Easy Payment At The Rich Of You Hand

A simpler way to pay. If wearing something around your wrist is not really your style, take a look at this. Barclaycard and Lyle & Scott have teamed up to launch a contactless payment jacket powered by bPay: the Contactless Jacket. The payment bit is hidden in the cuff of your sleeve, and it has bPay inside you can use your credit or debit card (from Barclays or any other bank) to complete transactions in hundreds of thousands of places in the UK.

We’re ready to embrace new wearables in our lives. They are fun and really helpful. Which wearables will you take with you when traveling?








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