When you’re on the go your smartphone becomes your best friend. Why? Because it’s a premium resource that can not only guide you to your hotel, but also help you rent a car for the weekend, buy a cheap plane ticket, play a game while waiting for the bus to arrive, and capture the most amazing pictures of the places you visit.

In a world full of apps, we’ve picked a few we consider are the essential ones, those that every traveler should have on their smartphone. There’s no doubt they will ensure your trip goes smoother and more fun.

Get Organized

Chances are you have heard about, or at least know someone that uses TripCase. It’s one of the most popular travel planning apps that works as a personal assistant by helping you organize your travel plans in a single place. TripCase is an itinerary management app that delivers the right information at the right time. This means that if, for example, your flight is delayed, you will receive a notification on your mobile even before the airline tells you about it. How does this happen? The beautiful app is powered and developed by Sabre, a global technology company that leads the travel industry.


After downloading the app, you will have to complete your profile, add a trip and every item you like (car rental, reservations at restaurants and any other attraction). Plus, you can share your trip with others and, in this way, if you’ve emailed information about an arrival, the updates of that flight will be sent to that person too. It’s available for iOS and Android.

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Pack Like a Pro

It can happen, you can leave home without a spare pair of socks. Sure, the world will continue to turn and, with a couple of bucks, you will buy new ones elsewhere. But, let’s be honest, to travel well more often than not is to pack light. Instead of going through the mental checklist for each trip, you can create a customized inventory list with Packing Pro.

Think about it, this is a perfect travel companion. The bad news is it’s only available for iPhone and iPad for now. You can auto generate packing lists based on a variety of travel factors such as destination, number of travelers, weather, food, etcetera. What’s more, you can easily create a list with over 100 items in seconds. Of course, you can move these items from one list to another. So, whether you are an awful list-maker, or someone who makes a list out of everything, you will fall in love.

Dishing on Food

Like Tinder but for food, that’s how Foodspotting is often described. There are times when you find yourself saying, “don’t ask me. what do you want to eat?” and that’s where this app earns it’s keep. It’s useful for finding restaurants with dishes that look appetizing, a visual guide to food if you will.


This app uses your location and is perfect for travel because, it allows you to search by restaurant, dish type, user, or location to maximize your ability to make the best local eating decision. It’s available for iOS and Android.

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World Talk

International travelers often have a need help to communicate in the native tongue of the place they’re visiting, and this app is here to save the day. Of the 500 million+ people who use Google Translate, more than 9 in 10 live outside the U.S. This app lets you translate a word into 103 different languages (and you can even chat to anyone in a foreign language). Not so long ago, the idea of a universal language translation device sounded like science fiction, but now this it’s reality and available for iOS and Android.


Which are the apps you usually use when traveling abroad?  Please share them with us, we would love to find out!


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