Remember those days when you suddenly felt inspired and couldn’t find a notebook to write down those wonderful thoughts, feelings and ideas? Thank God we now have smartphones that can aid our beloved inspiration. So whether you need to go to the supermarket, prepare you luggage for a trip, organize Christmas presents, or keep a record of your trip, take a look at these three apps that will help you be ready for taking notes wherever you are and whenever you feel like.

With all the note taking apps out there it is difficult to decide which one to use, that’s why we’ve chosen three of them that can be use whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone.




This awesome app lets you dictate or manually enter notes, plus snap photos, scan text, audio recording, create to-do-lists, share them with others and much more. Isn’t it great? Evernote has a clean interface, it’s surprisingly easy to navigate and it can sync with all your devices so you can quickly modify everything. This app is available for iOS and Android, and if you want to learn more about the uses of this appyou can check out the blog now.


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Crop images, insert audio, video and other files into your notes, are just some of the uses of this beautiful app. Apart from being integrated with MS Office (has been part of it since 2003), One Note is great for travelers. Why? Because you can clip pictures from the internet and add them to your itineraries (like a map, something you saw on a museum website, etcetera). It really looks and feels like a digital version of a paper notebook, and lets you create simple or complex notes from scratch and sync them among a variety of platforms, including Windows PCs, Macs, iPads and iPhones, Windows Phones, Android devices and the web.

Google Keep





The interface doesn’t just looks great -it is highly functional too. Google Keep allows for voice and photo to be added to notes, and you can even set reminders, share what you’ve written down,and is integrated with Google Drive. You can even extract the text from images (a business card, a sign on the road for example) and turn them into an editable text. It’s simple, it has an easy access and integration with other Google services. The app is available for iOS and Android.


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From story ideas, project notes, places to visit, things to pay on time or random personal stuff, note taking apps have made our lives easier. Don’t you agree?

Do you use any of these apps? Share your favorite with us!

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