Breakthrough travel insurance innovation launching at CES 2017

Breakthrough travel insurance innovation launching at CES 2017

Europ Assistance Italy innovates travel insurance combining its policy service with LugLoc Smart Luggage Locator, creating the most innovative GPS mobile solution to help manage and prevent lost luggage with smart phone app convenience.

“Bag Track” is the new insurance policy and smart tracker solution being introduced by Europ Assistance at CES 2017, to showcase how insurance and consumer electronic innovations can be combined for stress-free tracking of a traveler’s baggage through LugLoc’s Smart Luggage Locator and Europ Assistance Italy policy services.

Travelers simply pack LugLoc Tracker inside airline luggage and it’s monitored in real-time by a smartphone mobile application, keeping track of their bags. If for any reason, luggage is not received at the final destination then the traveler’s items are completely covered and any compensation owed to the insured is delivered in full through PayPal for quick satisfaction and relief.

The new policy insures coverage with a total solution protecting travelers even in the event that their items got lost or stolen. All items in the luggage are covered.

For 50 years, CES has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world.

LugLoc and Europ Assistance Italy will be available at CES booth #51639 (HAX in Eureka Park) on January 7th for demonstration.

LugLoc GPS Smart Luggage Tracker Featured on TodayShow

It’s one of the busiest travel weeks of the year — and with hotel costs, airline fees, and the risk of lost luggage, it can get expensive and time-consuming.

On Monday, TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen and the Rossen Reports team spotlighted three simple new hacks designed to save you time, money and hassles during this busy travel season.

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LugLoc, a tracking device to help you locate lost luggage, can tell if your luggage never left your original airport or if it ended up at a different airport in a different city. Simply place the device, smaller than a phone, in your luggage and pair it with an app on your phone. The Rossen Reports team tried it out by sending producer Lindsey Bomnin to Chicago, but sending her bag, carried by another producer, to Washington, D.C. When Bomnin arrived in Chicago, she checked the app, and sure enough, it showed her bag was at the D.C. airport. The LugLoc device costs $69; its free app comes with 1-month ($4.99), 6-month ($19.99) or 1-year ($29.99) service plans.