A recent study has identified lost or delayed luggage as the leading cause of stress in travelers today. With this information, the criteria for choosing the right suitcase might be the one that could keep you from worrying about lost or misplaced baggage ever again.

This explains why the most exciting new trend in luggage this year is innovative technology that allows the tracking of a bag’s location all along its journey. In fact, it was all the buzz at this year’s International Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas, the largest industry conference in the world.

Due to the generally poor luggage service provided by airlines, travelers are often unsure as to whether their luggage will arrive at the same location or at the same time as they do. Yet, tech-savvy travelers want to have the confidence of knowing in real-time, exactly where their suitcase is located, anywhere in the world.

This need has been the driving factor for the leading-edge technology that allows communication with an owner’s smartphone about their luggage location. These smart consumers want something that is simple, reliable and friendly.

One featured exhibitor at the International Travel Goods Show was LugLoc, the #1 market leader in luggage tracking hardware and software. The LugLoc Luggage Locator offers many unique advantages including:
– Reliability
– Performance
– Usability
– Durability
– Economy

In fact, LugLoc invented the first luggage tracker; an innovative tracking solution that combines a device with an app to locate bags anywhere in the world. By merely tapping the LugLoc app on a smartphone, the luggage’s location is displayed on the app’s map, in real-time.

When it’s time to choose the right suitcase, make your luggage SMART, and let smarter technology help you enjoy a more successful and stress-free travel experience. If you would like more information about SMART travel with LugLoc electronic locators, please visit and never lose track of your stuff, ever.