In an effort to increase security, new rules banning electronic devices from airline cabins on flights bound for the U.S. have been put into effect, and certain electronic items must now be placed into checked baggage. The Department of Homeland Security has stated that the restricted items on these flights include laptop computers, tablets, cameras, travel printers and games bigger than a phone.

The new ban is raising concerns with those who are now required to check valuable devices and are worried that their luggage might be lost or stolen. These concerns may be valid as the 2016 SITA Baggage Report states that there were 23.1 million mishandled bags in the previous year, and that “passengers are also eager for new baggage information services on their mobile devices to relieve the stress of waiting at the carousel for their luggage”.

The good news for travelers worried about how to track luggage, is that this technology is not only available today, but it actually does more. Advanced technology by LugLoc gps travel devices can monitor your luggage’s location with worldwide cell-tower tracking, at virtually any airport in the world. You’ll finally be able to relax, knowing the Bluetooth proximity feature will alert you with sound or vibration when your bag is headed your way at the baggage carousel.

Since many airlines state they won’t be held liable if items are lost, and warn against packing valuable items like computers in checked baggage, getting a tracker is now crucial. Of course, when you need to track your travel bags and other high-value assets, you’ll want to use Lugloc, the #1 market leader in luggage tracker hardware and software. In fact, LugLoc invented the first luggage tracker; an innovative geo-tracking solution that combines a device with an app, to locate bags anywhere in the world.

GPS Luggage Tracker

Using your Lugloc tracking device couldn’t be easier. Just follow these steps:
– Charge it
– Register
– Link it
– Begin Tracking

You simply pack the LugLoc geo-tracking device inside your luggage and the app automatically updates the luggage’s mapped location on your mobile phone, along your journey, and upon landing. LugLoc can track baggage better than the airline, so you never have to worry about how to find lost luggage.

It’s time to make your luggage SMART, and let smarter technology help you enjoy a more successful and stress-free travel experience. If you would like more information about SMART travel with LugLoc electronic locators, please visit and never lose track of your stuff, ever.