Opt for a SMART luggage and never worry about lost bags again. The very best SMART bags are defined by their travel trackers, which monitor your luggage using a geo-tracking device. They are both user friendly and highly effective at providing real time information on their location, anywhere, anytime.

Here a few awesome bags offered for the connected traveler by four leaders in the luggage market today:

– The Samsonite GeoTrakR has fully featured protection with its global tracking device, and weighs a mere 2.7 oz. GeoTrakR utilizes GSM-GPRS Technology that can track the location of your bag directly back to an app on your smartphone.

– G-RO is a bag that’s specifically designed to accompany on-the-go people, whether they are traveling around the block or around the globe. The G-Ro has a location tracker and proximity detector integrated with an app.

– Barracuda luggage has one goal: to bring peace of mind to all travelers around the world. The Barracuda Location Tracking Module utilizes GSM/GPRS Technology to triangulate the location of your luggage and then shows you the image on the Map View in your app. It also comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows you to have peace of mind while waiting at the luggage carousel.

– Delsey’s on-board detection feature lets you know when your case is loaded onto the plane. That way, you’ll know immediately if the airline lost your luggage instead of when you land.

These SMART bags all have one thing in common. They utilize the global tracking device powered by LugLoc, the premier luggage locator in the world.

In fact, LugLoc is an easy way to make any bag SMART, whether it’s one of the bags above, or one you already own. Simply pack the LugLoc geo-tracking device inside your luggage and the app automatically updates the luggage’s mapped location on your mobile phone, along your journey, and upon landing. LugLoc can track baggage better than the airline, so you never have to worry about how to find lost luggage.

When it’s time to choose the right suitcase, make your luggage SMART, and let smarter technology help you enjoy a more successful and stress-free travel experience. If you would like more information about SMART travel with LugLoc geo-tracking device, please visit and never lose track of your stuff, ever.