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    The Luggage Locator

    LugLoc combines the best cell-tower connected geo-tracking device with a simple mobile app, that automatically monitors your luggage in real time, at any airport in the world.


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    Follow your dreams

    We follow your luggage. It has never been easier! LugLoc is a GPS Luggage Tracker that automatically tracks your luggage anywhere in the world, while you enjoy your trip.




Our new 3G network device to track not only your luggage
but everything you love, from everywhere!


Simple, Reliable & Friendly

Simply pack it inside your suitcase. Then by tapping the Lugloc app on your smartphone, your luggage’s location will be displayed on the app's map, in real-time. GPS Luggage Tracker. Never lose your luggage!

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      Award Winning Product

      The award-winning #1 selling LugLoc Luggage Locator is proven to help travelers from losing their luggage or ever worrying about lost luggage, upgrading the bags you own with a “smart” and connected solution for stress-free travel.

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      Automatic GPS Tracking

      Simply pack LugLoc inside your luggage and app automatically updates luggage’s mapped location on your mobile phone along your journey and upon landing. Smarter technology lets you enjoy a more successful and worry-free travel experience.

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      Smart Luggage Locator

      As a second layer of security, the Bluetooth proximity feature alerts you with sound or vibration when your bag is headed your way at the baggage carousel. Never lose airline bags again!

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      Worldwide Coverage

      LugLoc pinpoints your luggage's location with worldwide cell-tower tracking, at any airport in the world. Track your checked baggage better than the airline! Make your luggage SMART. Never worry about lost luggage.