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Five Tips to Mix Business Trips with Pleasure

Some people think that going on a business trip couldn’t be more awesome: you don’t have to pay for the flight or the (sometimes fancy) hotel and, if you’re lucky enough, you visit a new country. Still, there are many others who believe that this type of traveling leaves much to be desired because, in the majority of the cases, you just wake up, go from one meeting to another, talk about business during your meals and end the day exhausted and without having visited the city at all. Guess what? Even on business trips, you can let the pleasure enter and expand your heart and soul. Check it out.

  1. Plus One. As long as the timetable allows it, it’s always nice to add one day to the end of the work travel schedule. What for? To be fully and completely on the road during the business part and leave another day to relax and enjoy the surroundings. A complete day to enjoy the sun and lie all day on the warm beach can change everything; or maybe you are a museum lover or even a sports fan who wants to immerse yourself in all that a new city has to offer.
  1. Technology Matters (A Lot). There’s no doubt that incorporating tech into your travel experience will make everything easier and more fun. How many times did you spend all the journey worrying about what would happen if you arrived to the new spot and your luggage wasn’t there? Forget about the idea. With LugLoc, place the device in your luggage and just tap on your smartphone. You’ll have everything under control by monitoring your stuff anytime you want, anywhere in the World.
  1. The Surrounding. If you have the chance to choose, plan the meetings at a neutral place such as a café, restaurant or hotel; a relaxed atmosphere is always a positive start and helps creative ideas and conversations flourish.
  1. Everybody Loves Shopping. When you leave home, take into consideration that you’ll be returning from your trip with extra weight. Hopefully, the added weight will be in your bag only! In some cases, you can write a to-do list, but it will be essential to allow room in your checked baggage to bring those newly acquired items home safely and securely.
  1. Composition: The Plan. It’s always nice to leave some time to truly relax and have fun. Check in advance if there are any sporting events, theater shows or other nightly events to take in while you enjoy the city. A real hometown adventure to capture memories is always the most exhilarating. But always plan ahead.

Business travel doesn’t have to be dull or stressful. Make the most of your traveling experience.

4 geek tips to really truly enjoy your trip

You don’t know what it’s like to travel lightweight until you try it for the first time. It changes your travel life forever. How many times did you just fill in an entire suitcase for the “just in case” situations? You know that as long as you’re connected to the world, everything’s cool. If you really want to travel as a geek, follow these tips.

  1. First things first: the laptop. If you are travelling for a conference in New York, London or even a meetup in Silicon Valley, this is a must-have. Remember that with this precious you should also pack a cable lock (in case you want to leave it at the hotel without worrying about it) and a USB stick.  If you prefer, you can always change your laptop for a tiny ultrabook with a small keyboard. In both cases, don’t you dare forget the charger at home.
  1. Get your maps ready. Let’s say you’re visiting a destination for the first time. Of course, it’s always nice to get lost, end up in unknown locations and explore but, let us tell you: it’s way nicer when you have the time for it. However, if you need to take a quick ride to a conference or the museum is about to close, maps will help you and save you some nerves. Remember to browse through and download all the essential maps a few days prior to your departure. And, if you are a scrapbook lover, you can also use printed maps and museum tickets to save nice paper memories.
  1. Choose those devices and gadgets you can’t live without. Wearable technology is everywhere nowadays so don’t forget to pack your smartwatch, a storage device and other stuff before leaving your city. Depending on what you’re carrying with you, you’ll have to either keep it with you during the flight or dispatch it. If this is the case, you can use LugLoc to help track your luggage all over the world so if something happens to your bag and the airline misses it somewhere, you’ll know where it is. Just place the device inside your suitcase and, at any time, you’ll be able to check the location from your mobile, tablet or laptop.
  1. Music, books and games. Entertainment, baby. Dead hours are the worst. Whether you get caught in the middle of a traffic jam, the jet lag is killing you or you just need quiet time on your own. don’t forget to get your iPod ready, pack some books and bring games with you.

9 things you shouldn’t forget before you travel

We all know the worst thing about starting a journey is packing. Yikes! If only we had someone to do that for us our lives would be better, right? As with band aids, a quick rip-off eases the ouch factor. So, you need a plan to easily visualise the things you can’t forget to take in your suitcase when traveling around the world.

  1. ID and a bunch of photocopies. Please, oh, please, don’t forget to check and recheck your travel itinerary along with dates and times of departures. (Did you know, in some cases and countries, your passport cannot expire less than six months after returning to your country). Believe us, there are many people that don’t pay attention to that and end the trip before even starting it. Make some copies of your passport and put them together with the important stuff: city maps, metro maps, plane tickets, etcetera. And don’t even think about taking your eyes off of them. Keeping copies of important documents with you at all times can definitely be a lifesaver.
  1. Travel insurance. Depending on the country you visit (and the country you live in), will deteremine the type of medical assistance or insurance you’ll need. Fortunately, there are plenty of different companies offering specialized travel insurance service abroad. Check with your medical and liability coverage if you need an upgrade or if you’re covered outside your country and, if not, check out which is your best option. Remember that some credit cards help you with these types of issues, giving you the service for free or providing a significant discount.
  1. A small and compact notebook. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to the best beach in the Caribbean or to a meeting with your company’s CEO in Tokyo, a good journal will save your life by allowing you to capture important details. Taking notes will help you remember places, people, addresses, prices and more. You’ll probably take public transport more than once so a piece of paper would be in need to help you document important landmarks or write down other sites you might want to visit later on your trip
  1. Multiple adaptor plugs. Smartphones, tablets and laptops are the new maps, travel guides and cameras of the century. So please, make sure you have the appropriate plug for the area of world you are visiting or you could end experiencing a nightmare. . If this happens, you’ll probably have to run fast to get one before your device’s battery dies (and most likely you might pay more money for it). So, check it out before leaving home and you’ll be just fine.
  1. First aid kit: it’s not like you need to be prepared for ER or Grey’s Anatomy. Just take with you a bag with the most necessary pills and medicines that you might need. The last thing you want to do when abroad is to spend all afternoon looking for a pharmacy that has exactly what we want. And don’t forget to check if any medicines you may use in the country you are visiting need a prescription. If so, make sure that you get the necessary prescription before the trip starts.
  1. Credit card and driving licence. Nowadays most credit cards are international, which means you can use it anywhere you want. But, there’s still a portion of the world that doesn’t have this benefit, and believe us, it’s way better to know it in advance. So, check with your bank to ensure everything’s cool and let them know that you may using the card in the country you’re traveling to, so that they authorize it and don’t start thinking that someone stole it. Also if you are driving, remember that some countries need a special document from the city you came from, not just the driver’s licence. .
  1. A book (or maybe two). If you still can’t adapt to reading ebooks and love the smell of paper, take a couple of books with you. If they don’t make you dizzy while flying, you’ll realize time passes quickly when reading. And it’s also a nice treat, right?
  1. Sun cream. Let’s just say that radiation has been hard the last couple of years so bringing a good sun cream will be a great item to remember, whether you’re traveling to the sea, the mountain or the city, on any season of the year. Plus, sun burns are not only annoying but also dangerous.
  2. Essential travel apps. Depending on the country you’re visiting, you might need a dictionary to communicate (although English is everywhere, there are some places where people prefer to be spoken in their own language; at least, at first). Maybe, you can choose to have the subway maps on your smartphone and check them with one gentle swipe of the finger. There’s also a device called LugLoc that helps you know exactly where your luggage is at any time. And if something happens to your bag and the airline misses it, LugLoc will help you find it. You just need to place the small device inside your suitcase and check the location from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

8 tips to travel around the world in a smart way

Finally, you have already decided where you’ll spend your next holidays. Bravo! So some may say the journey starts now: at this point you need to focus and do your best to gain all the benefits you can and have the greatest vacations ever. Now the question is: how can you optimize time, money and comfort? Well, that’s not a problem, just check these suggestions and start enjoying right now.

  1. Time your trip wisely: if you are lucky enough to have a flexible job and can choose when to take a flight, you should know that the off season will bring joy to your pockets. Just make sure there are no electrical storms or something like that at the time and you’ll have a wonderful experience that will help you save some money.
  1. There’s a perfect hotel for everyone: sometimes the cheapest one ends up being the most expensive. Let’s say you are going to a big city and you know you’ll be out in the streets all day long. Well, maybe it’s not necessary to stay at a hotel that has the most perfect amenities but hot water, a nice and tidy bed and a huge breakfast might be the best place to stay in that scenario.
  1. Plans help you conquer the world: there’s a strong guarantee that as sooner as you start planning what you’re going to visit, you’ll know when to find the best prices. For example, some train tickets might be cheaper two months before traveling but, maybe, other type of transportation will give you the best offers just days or even hours before departure. Don’t forget to stay tuned and do a daily check.
  1. The importance of a customized trip: what if you decide not to take a selfie with that monument behind you, the one that everybody always talks about and says you should visit? Choose the kind of trip you like the most, not only what people tell you you can’t miss. Walk around. Get lost. Make your experience oh-so-personal. Enjoy the view. Don’t waste time. After all, who’s the lucky traveler?
  1. Embrace coupons: 2×1 tickets one day a week, discounts for students or +65 adults, buy one – get one free or 75% off after several important events will help you stay on budget and even save some money to buy a souvenir for your mother. Don’t be ashamed to ask for a deal.
  1. Make the best use of WIFI: of course there are places that still don’t enjoy the great pleasure of wireless internet. However, many cities around the world have free wifi in museums and even parks, so make sure you download useful apps and use those spots to get in touch, search for information and share your experience through your social networks.
  1. Take good care of your luggage: are you nervous about losing your bag and can’t find a way to let go that horrible feeling? There is a device called LugLoc that helps you with this as it’s the first luggage locator in the world. So, if something happens to your bag and the airline misses it somewhere, you’ll know exactly where it is. Don’t worry about it: just place your LugLoc inside your suitcase and leave your worries at home. And remember the device has the perfect size and weight so you won’t even feel it.
  1. Be a lightweight traveler: despite the fact that there are some airlines that give penalties for carrying more weight than the limit, be aware that maybe you’ll have to take your luggage with you several times (from the taxi to your bedroom; from one city to another). A little advice? Bring less clothes and wash them whenever you can.