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Worried About Your Bags? Check Out These 4 High-Tech Security Products

Preventing People From Breaking Into Your Luggage Is One Thing, But Security Doesn’t End There. What Happens When Your Suitcase Isn’t Waiting For You At Baggage Reclaim, And Not Even The Airline Knows Where It Is?

A Few Companies Have Stepped Up To Help In This Situation, One Of Which Is Lugloc. Utilizing A Small Device About The Size Of A Computer Mouse, Any Bag Can Be Tracked Via Standard GSM Cellular Technology, In Almost Any Country In The World, Using A Smartphone App.

Because It Doesn’t Rely On Traditional GPS Satellites, The Lugloc Will Work Indoors, Even When Buried Inside A Suitcase. It Turns Itself Off When It Detects Its In Flight, And Back On Again When The Aircraft Has Come To A Complete Stop.

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